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We help businesses achieve long-term, sustainable growth by leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in sales and marketing.

From $0 in revenue in 2018 to $2.01M in 2022

This is our company. We started developing our methodology in 2018 for this company, grew it to $2.01M in sales the last 12 months, bootstraped. Then, we replicated this methodology for the other case studies you see in this page. These results were achieved in the latin american market, which is a little harder.

Revenue vs time, taken from Stripe

From 8 months without a single sale to $1.75M in 9 months

We helped them improve their positioning, fine-tune their sales process and close more sales. Their clients are highly educated executives. Also in the latin american market.

"I started to find a formula that worked very well for me [...] and it started to work out. The first 2 months were kind of calm, then between February and March we sold about 6 projects that in total must have been about $1.75M."

Danky Saenz, Grupo AmasB

Translated from Facebook

From $6k/mo to $20k/mo in 18 months

We trained them in sales, helped them develop an offer, increase prices, and implemented a sales process.

"You can't imagine the difference it can make in your personal life and your business."

Raul FZ, Sociala

Translated from our private Facebook group

Increase your leads

Boost your close rates
up to 30%+

3x your profits by
growing efficiently

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How It Works


Develop a solid sales argument

The sales argument is derived from a profound understanding of your niche market. That’s why we perform qualitative market research to understand the deep desires, motivations, pain points, and most important goals of your market to get the messaging right.


Create core marketing piece + sales assets

We create our core marketing piece to present our sales argument in a compelling and engaging way. This will help your prospects better understand your solution, and develop trust and connection with your company. From this, we develop the rest of the sales assets (ads, prospecting scripts, landing pages, sales scripts, follow-up emails, etc.)


Launch campaign

Then, we launch the campaign to start bringing in leads, guide them through the sales process, and generate sales opportunities. We can also help close more of these opportunities if required. We validate that everything is converting as expected and iterate if necessary.


Optimize and scale

Finally, we do an ongoing optimization of the campaign to improve results as needed. At this stage we can start scaling depending on your aspirations for growth and ability to handle a larger load of clients. Our main goal is to make sure this growth is profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We do an audit where we analyze your company. We generate a report (which you can use, whether you decide to work with us or not), and submit a project proposal. If you decide to pull the trigger, we start working on the following steps:
Step 1: Develop a solid sales argument.
Step 2: Create core marketing piece.
Step 3: Develop the rest of the sales assets.
Step 4: Launch campaign.
We then optimize continually and scale as needed/desired.

How can I be sure you'll deliver?

We cannot and do not want to guarantee results. That is why we do an audit of your company before making a formal proposal. In this audit we will analyze your company and decide if we think we can deliver results. For some clients, we can work in a revshare scheme, so you only pay us if you get results.

Is this a good time to invest in growth, even if there's a recession?

When CFOs see a recession comming, the first thing they cut is marketing.


Marketing is the easiest thing to cut to feel like finances are healthy.

As you can see here, the financial crisis created a global economic pullback of just -0.7%. In contrast, advertising dollars dropped a whopping 10.1%.

According to this Gartner study, however, most "efficient growth" companies maintained or increased their marketing spend during the recession. And ended up winning.

Economic recessions are the best moments in time to possition your company as a market leader.

Harvard Business Review covered this, saying that "[d]uring recessions, when most firms are cutting back on their brand advertising, a firm's share of voice increases if it can maintain or increase its advertising budget"[1].

Why? Two reasons:

1. Ads become cheaper.

Facebook and Google Ads are a free marketplace. In boom periods, you have to compete with a lot of other bidders and marketing prices rise.

During a recession, marketing spends dry up overall and you get access to millions of people at a discount.

The key is to manage your spend effectively and adjust the messaging with the times.

2. Ads become more impactful.

When competitors cut their marketing, your ads become more effective at generating customers. At moments like this, not only do ads become cheaper, but in the absence of competition, they also become more memorable.

This combination of factors allow companies who keep advertising during recessions to outperform the competition and brake away as market leaders.

What if I'm not ready to grow my company?

It’s true, not every company is ready to grow. Still, you should reach out and speak with us. We may help if you are at the stage of finding product-market fit, although the service may be different. Let's talk and figure out if we can help. If we can't, we'll say so.

What exactly am I registering for? Is there a commitment in the audit?

You are registering for an audit of approximately 45 minutes in which we will identify areas of opportunity in your marketing and sales processes, we will talk about your objectives, and you'll receive a report with strategies to achieve them.
There is absolutely no commitment in the audit, but it is important to have all decision makers present on the call. We recommend that you share this page with all decision makers before the audit.

What if I take my time to do more research?

It is extremely important to us that you make the right decision, so feel free to do all the research you need. However, it is important that you take into account the following.
At this moment we only have the operational capacity to serve 10 new clients per semester. Therefore, access to the acceleration program is subject to closure without prior notice.
There is absolutely no commitment in the audit, but it is important to have all decision makers present on the call. We recommend that you share this page with all decision makers before the audit.

How do I present this to my team?

If you are not the only decision maker and want to present this to your team, we recommend sharing this page with them. It is the best place for you to understand our methodology and how our process works. Additionally, bring them to the audit to have all their questions answered.

Was your question not answered in the FAQs section above?

Email us here or talk to someone on the team here.

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